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Preparing for the entrance exams to the ENA, the ENM or the aggregation takes a tour de force as the programs are dense. The difficulty is the same for those who have registered for several competitions. So you need a method from this Web Site! So, from the start, of your preparation, create a weekly schedule where you will alternate work times and relaxation phases.
One thing is certain: an informed candidate is worth two. To find out about the competition you have chosen to take! In particular, read the documents that will be given to you by the administration when you register. They contain the rules, the procedure and the date of the tests. This is important if you are entering several competitions: this allows you to check that the exams do not overlap. Obviously, we give you the program and the title of the written and oral tests. This is sometimes off-putting, but very useful: you know at the outset if you have the necessary knowledge or if you will have to make an effort to update your skills in a subject that you have not had the opportunity to work for a long time.