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Article : Pierre Blaise, l’exilé volontaire



Article Est Républicain – Vendredi 15 décembre 2017


Between your registration for the competition and the date of the exams, several months ago. It’s long and short. One of the major difficulties is to click this link and manage your schedule and keep yourself motivated over the weeks, especially if you have decided to work alone. Preparations for Category A competitions, in particular, will put your morale to the test. It is essential that you fully understand your motivations so as not to give up. Some want to be a firefighter, teacher or investigating judge from an early age, they do not imagine themselves in another role. Others have a real desire to serve the community and pursue an ideal of public service. All of them have a major advantage: they have a vocation that has pushed them for too long so that they do not put the « rubber » in the last straight line before the finish line. Then there are the late vocations, of circumstance, due to the hardening of the labor market. They don’t have to be ashamed of their choice: the job security reflex is in itself an excellent driver! Things can be much more difficult for candidates who register by default, who say that you have to earn a good living, and why not become a public servant? They may find the time long, and get discouraged.